About Us

Stidham Financial Services was designed to provide information and direction to our clients, ensuring both financial stability and growth potential through our broad array of financial services, insurance and professionals. Our team of professionals has been integrated to offer an unparalleled experience to our clients, providing a truly holistic approach to retirement and estate preservation planning.

At Stidham Financial Services, we truly offer a different approach to financial planning, both in philosophy, as well as execution.

We understand that the multitude of options that are currently available in the financial market can be confusing and often contradictory. This is why our number one objective is to educate you on your options and help you to ultimately decide which direction is in your best interest. The other major problem people come across while implementing a financial plan is that more often than not, these plans are complex and typically require multiple professionals with varying fields of expertise. Of course you need a financial expert to assist in choosing the right financial vehicles and terms, but lawyers may also be needed for certain legal obstacles associated with the plan. The same holds true for tax professionals, mortgage specialists, brokers, and registered investment advisors. Bringing all these professionals together to work for one common goal can be next to impossible to orchestrate, not to mention very time consuming and extremely expensive.

We wanted to develop a different approach; one that would truly have the clients best interest in mind.

Our professional team includes insurance agents, financial advisors, brokers, registered investment advisors, elder law attorneys, real estate attorneys, accountants, CPAs, and VA accredited claims agents and attorneys. The creators of Stidham Financial Services brought all of these professionals together in order to ensure that you as our client would get the best, most well-rounded financial plan available in the market.

Every person has different needs and objectives when it comes to his or her retirement.

This can be due to the various time frames, income needs, investment history, and overall objectives that may separate one person from another. A 30 year old who is a few years into his career will have completely different goals than a 60 year old who is about to retire, who will also have different goals from a 90 year old in the twilight of life. Investment strategies should be made accordingly, as there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to retirement planning. At Stidham Financial, each and every client will have the opportunity to meet our team of professionals as we educate you on the options available and answer every concern you may have. We will discuss several well-proven strategies, and over the course of several meetings with our trusted advisors, find the plan that is best suited for you and your family.