About Us

It’s your money, you’ve worked your entire life to save it. It’s our job to grow it, protect it, and help you pass it on to your children and grandchildren instead of the government.

Stidham Financial Services helps busy families all over the United States safely manage all their assets, exceed their retirement dreams, and maximize the inheritance to their children and grandchildren.

We are a Fully Integrated Professional Network.

That’s a fancy sentence, what does it mean to you?

  • If you work with a great stock broker, they’re not going to tell you about life insurance because it’s not their business.
  • If you go to a great life insurance agent, they’re not going to tell you about the stock market because it’s not their business.
  • If you go to a great estate planning attorney, they will make appropriate, beneficial legal changes without knowledge of how that modification will affect other aspects of your retirement down the road.
  • Brokers & Lawyers don’t necessarily understand the tax consequences of their changes like a CPA would.
  • None of these previously mentioned professionals are experts at the Social Security, Medicare, or VA benefits you earned.

Without input from all these different sectors, you’re prone to leave money on the table, or possibly even make a costly mistake…and it won’t be the fault of these separate, individual professionals because it’s not their business.

It’s your business…but you’re busy…really busy. We get it, because we are too!

You don’t have time to research and create relationships with all these different specialists and you certainly don’t have time to get your financial team to “play in the sandbox” together.

Our Fully Integrated Professional Network includes

  • Insurance agents
  • Financial advisors
  • Brokers
  • Registered Investment Advisors
  • Elder Law attorneys
  • Real Estate agents
  • Accountants
  • CPAs
  • VA accredited claims agents and attorneys.
  • Certified Social Security Advisors

Stidham Financial Services brought all of these experts together in order to ensure that you get the best,
most well-rounded financial plan available in the market.

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The Stidham Process

Stidham Financial "The Why"

Our Team

Daniel Stidham - President and Founder

Daniel Stidham
President and Founder

Mr. Stidham was born in Arkansas, and has grown up as a proud lifelong citizen of the state, where he headquarters his business. He is the son of Dan Stidham, a District Court Judge, and Kim Hamilton Roddy, a Nurse Practitioner, working in their hometown. He is the oldest of four siblings and enjoys the responsibility that comes with being an older brother.

Upon graduation from Arkansas Tech University, where he studied behavioral sciences and played football, Mr. Stidham spent his first five years in business managing a team of professionals for AIG in Northeast Arkansas. Stidham Financial Services now works with multiple professionals and institutions to ensure that all clients are given access to the best tools, and the best people, available industry wide in a manner that best fits their unique situations.

Mr. Stidham and his staff take pride in helping people and families grow their wealth by protecting it from many different kinds of risk . He bases his company on understanding and meeting the financial goals of each client, knowing that no two are the same. During your free consultation, a wide array of little known plans and strategies will be explained.

Daniel and Stidham Financial Services have access to an extensive network of the top professionals in their fields. This ensures that he can tailor the perfect solution for you, no matter where you are in the country or in life. Mr. Stidham enjoys having offices in multiple states, and working with clients all across America, to take on today's most complex and urgent planning issues. We welcome you to join our family and learn about our many options!

When Mr. Stidham is not discovering the latest financial options to help meet your goals, his life is dedicated to his loving family with his wife Angie. They have four beautiful children Olivea, Kailey, Miles and Ava Mae. Daniel’s favorite part of his job is the close personal relationship formed with each client. As the third generation of his family living in his local community, Mr Stidham understands the importance of making sure that your family's legacy is protected both now, and for generations to come.

Angie Stidham - Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

Angie Stidham
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer

Angie was raised in Lake City, Arkansas and graduated from Riverside Highschool. She is a life long resident of Northeast Arkansas and moved to Paragould in 2005. She has worked in office management for her entire career and took over the operations of Stidham Financial in 2015. As Chief Financial Officer and Director of Operations, Angie is the engine that moves Stidham Financial. She is responsible for budgeting, accounting, scheduling meetings for all of our professionals and clients, communications with financial institutions, and even takes most of the day to day phone calls.

Angie is the proud mother of four beautiful children in Olivea, Kailey, Miles and Ava Mae. Almost every single moment away from our offices is devoted to her family. She loves to travel with them, attend school activities and takes pride in keeping a happy home.

Olivea - Associate Advisor

Associate Advisor

Olivea got her start in the financial industry thanks to her parents, Daniel and Angela Stidham. She started as an apprentice when she was only 15 years old. These years of experience shadowing her mother and father, enabled Olivea to learn how advanced estate plans are created and maintained through our fully integrated network. By the time she graduated high school, she was working full time for Stidham Financial Services. Olivea graduated Arkansas State with a BS in Psychology and a BA in Criminology.

She currently heads up our team of Associate Advisors, and has a passion for helping our clients understand complex concepts such as estate planning, asset protection, long term care, and tax risk. Olivea takes pride in being able to solve the problems our clients bring to the table as a team, as well as create lasting relationships with each and every family she works with.

We are happy to have this hard-working young lady on our team!

To contact Olivea, call 877.248.8828 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Senior Advisor- Robert Hall

Robert Hall
Senior Advisor

Robert L. Hall is a highly motivated and experienced entrepreneur that has proven himself as extraordinary in his field, with the innate ability to cultivate creative ideas. Robert has also demonstrated the aptitude to implement very complex protection and growth strategies in order to deliver the desired results. He has formed some very unique partnerships and been recognized as one of the top advisors in the country by some of the largest and oldest companies in the world.

Robert founded the Affinity Advisory Network to be a holistic full service estate planning company. The strength of the company lies with the advisors’ mentality to service every type of client, large or small. Robert was able to incorporate his vision of creating the ultimate structure in financial products to best serve his clients’ ever-growing needs. To better meet the needs of clients across the country, Robert has partnered with his close friend and colleague, Daniel Stidham and Stidham Financial, to bring this unique type of all-inclusive planning to more people than ever before. Over the past 6 years, Robert has worked side by side with Daniel to solve some of the most complex and urgent planning problems for retirees, helping them to protect what they have worked a lifetime for, and providing them with the piece of mind that everyone deserves to enjoy in their retirement years.

Robert is a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor. He currently holds his Life and Health Insurance License, Property and Casualty Insurance License, and Viatical Settlement Brokers License. Robert has also completed course work for the Series 65 License and is working toward his Chartered Financial Consultant Designation. Additionally Robert has completed course work in Retirement Planning, Social Security and Medicare, Ohio Long Term Care, Long Term Care Needs and Solutions, Programs Policies and Partnerships, Enhanced Ethics with Fair Credit, NAIC, Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulations, and Retirement Income Planning.

Marissa - Administrative Assistant/Event Coordinator

Administrative Assistant/Event Coordinator

Marissa has been a part of our team for over two years as Angie's assistant, and back office support. She has been training under Angie closely, and is her right hand. Recently, she was awarded Event Coordinator to her list of titles, as she will also be responsible for the preparation and planning of our Estate Planning Live and Online Lunch and Learn Classes. This role is perfect for her, as her greatest satisfaction is found in working directly with people. We are excited for the public to find out why we appreciate having this wonderful young lady be a part of our team.

Marissa is currently working on completing her Bachelor's Degree at Arkansas State University, after graduating high school from Greene County Tech. In her free time, Marissa enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends, shopping, and expanding her collection of plants.

To contact Marissa, call 877.248.8828 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Douglas A. Sanders - Associate Advisor

Douglas A. Sanders
Associate Advisor

Douglas A. Sanders takes great pride in his work, focusing on post retirement, as part of our fully integrated professional network. Drawing on his years coaching college athletes, he understands the strength of a team, as opposed to an individual. Doug applies this philosophy, working out of the Canton, OH office, in guiding his clients through the intricate process of estate planning, asset protection, long term care, government benefits and retirement savings. Doug’s greatest strength is his unique ability to break down these complicated concepts and make them easy to understand for those that may not have much experience in them.

Doug’s clients think of him as their “financial coach,” guiding them through different strategies to protect their assets from healthcare costs, taxes and market risk with the rest of our team. His clients consistently tell us how much they appreciate their personal relationships with him, and this is one of the many reasons that we are so proud to have him here at Stidham Financial.

Ryan Wood - Associate Advisor

Ryan Wood
Associate Advisor

Ryan Wood is an Associate Advisor at Stidham Financial, and is driven by a strong motivation to make a career of helping others through education. While Ryan has proven himself as an exceptionally skilled creator of customized and secure retirement and estate plans, his true calling is providing knowledge to those with which he works. Ryan really shines in his ability to break down complicated issues into easily understood concepts, then explaining how they relate to an individual’s goals and concerns.

Ryan began his career shadowing the top advisors at Stidham Financial and working closely with Mr. Stidham, himself. That experience gave Ryan the opportunity to learn high-end and complex financial and estate planning techniques that typical advisors never get the chance to see. In shadowing some of the other professionals in our organization, he also got the chance to see, up close, how financial planning works hand in hand with other fields of discipline to create a complete and effective plan. “I don’t see how anyone can think that they have everything covered, if they are only working with one professional, or even just one type of professional. What I enjoy most here, is that I get to be a part of a complete team of professionals in different fields. People just don’t understand how necessary that is for them,” Ryan said, early on in his career.

Ryan is based out of the Ohio office, but practices across the country via video conference, to help families create plans to protect their assets from the multitude of threats that retirees face to their estates.

What To Expect At Your First Appointment

1. In your first meeting, you will enter a relaxed environment in which our team of experts will begin to uncover potential roadblocks that could prevent you from achieving your financial goals. Feel free to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee as we draw out the roadmap to achieve your financial goals.

2. Your spouse, partner, family members or other confidants should be with you. To maximize productivity, we ask that all decision makers are present at your initial consultation. Appointment time in our office is very valuable, so bringing non-present decision makers up to speed at a later date is not optimal.

3. You DO NOT have to bring ANYTHING in. Your first appointment with us will be different than any other meeting you have ever had with a financial professional. You do not know us, and we do not know you. Quite frankly, we are not sure if we will be able to help you or whether or not we will elect to take you on as a client. Your first meeting will give us the proper time needed to get an initial peek into your financial world. If you choose to bring specific items in to your appointment, we cannot guarantee that we will review them.

4. We’ll accomplish three items in our initial time together.
  • Destination Navigation

    Determining where you want to go is a pivotal part of realizing any potential roadblocks. In order for us to establish an appropriate course of action, we must first ascertain any concerns and objectives and bring them to the forefront. Allow us to assess your current goals as a function of the portfolio you currently have.

  • Are we able to help you?

    We can’t help everyone who comes through our doors. After our initial meeting, we should have enough information to fully assess whether our “holistic planning approach” will help you reach your desired destination.

  • Do you really want our help?

    We respect the fact that some people just want information. We are in the business of fixing problems, not just giving away information. We will provide you with the information that you need to determine if you want to take the next step in our “holistic planning approach.” It’s not uncommon for you to meet with our advisors several times over the first 90 days, including the possibility of meeting twice a week on occasion. Our time is very valuable and appointment time in our schedule is usually booked out weeks in advance. We can help fix your financial problems, but it’s up to you to take the 1st step.


You’ll be greeted warmly and seen at your appointment time. We strive to minimize wait time. Your appointment will last no less than 30 minutes and no longer than 90 minutes. All the family decision makers are asked to attend the entire meeting. By the end of the meeting, we will tell you whether or not we can help you address any problems you may be experiencing, or at the very least whether we should sit down together for a second meeting. If Stidham Financial Services puts together a plan for you, you will understand more about your financial situation than you ever have before. You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that a caring and talented team of professionals is available to help you reach your goals.